Character Illustration

This is a collection of various characters I’ve developed for games, communication series and meeting themes.

  • Type Theme Development, Illustration, Flash Animation

Some of the famous personalities I've created for various Flash animations. Created in Freehand and Illustrator.

Characters drawn for an interactive, beach themed quiz. It was part of a sales meeting program, for a pharmaceutical company.

A take on the "Daily Show", this is a screen-grab from a flash animated series "The Detaily Show".

A screen-grab from a Flash animated series, "The Doctor's Office."

A screen-grab from an interactive quiz game. I created the illustrations and animations, and handed it off to programming.

A "Survivor" spin off, this screen-grab is from the flash animated series "Efavirenz Island."

A "Price is Right" themed Flash quiz game. I created all the illustrations, the voice syncing and animation, and sent it off to programming.

5 superhero characters created for a series of national sales meetings. They're representative of the 5 formulations for Clarinex: Tablets, D12, D24, Syrup and RediTabs.